Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Wednesday, Jan 16th

An early start to the day, Marg had a road trip with the gamblin' gals to the Fort and I had golf with the group from the park at Apache Sun.
  Gerry drove today and we had 20 golfers in our group today.  It was a bit cool with the heavy dew on the first hole, but by the 3rd hole we were in our shirt sleeves.  The game went pretty well, hit the ball off the tee well except for #2, when I hit a tree.  I have never seen a ball fly back in the air quite like that one, although it still landed on the fairway. Hit a great 3 wood to the green and salvaged a par.  On the 4th tee our cart quit so we had to phone the clubhouse for them to send out a replacement.  The most challenging part of my game today was chipping, but the score came out OK and I never lost a ball.
  Marg had a fun day with the gals, there were 5 of them today.  A couple of them won, but sadly Marg was not among the fortunate.  She did get down to one number several times and on one game for $450 the number she needed was in the monitor when someone ruined her day by calling the dreaded bingo.  They had fun, so it was all good. 
  I played pool in the afternoon.  There were only 4 of us playing.  It was Baker Boys today and a bunch of guys were baking butter tart squares.  It seems I found my stride in pool again today, or maybe all the really good players were in the kitchen, not sure which.  After pool I took the golf cart over to the front entrance for Marg when she gets back.  I think she was glad to see me.  I left her and Lynett to ride back and walked home.
  Supper tonight was Taco Bell.  This time we both had a $5 deal.  We will have to take pictures of the food you get with one of these.  Marg had the chalupa one and I had the burrito one.  A burrito, two hard shell tacos, a drink and some lite crusty cinnamon things for $5.  Hard to believe.
  When we got back, Marg did some of her banking stuff.  On of those is she checks all the receipts against the credit card statement to make sure they are right.  There is so much fraud these days we are a bit anxious about it.  The dollar has slid a bit since we got back here, down to $1.35 for each U.S. dollar.  Kind of painful this year.
  After I went to play poker and Marg dyed her hair.  She had a dye from a beauty shop and it was quite a bit darker than she was led to believe.  I think it looks good, but time will tell what she thinks about it.
  There were two tables a poker again tonight. I probably ended up down a buck or two, but it was a good table to play at. 

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

Tuesday, Jan 15th

It was forecast to rain today but only sprinkled a few times until around supper time when we got a couple of showers that didn't seem to last long. 
  I rode around the park a bit this morning as I had not been on the velocipede for some days now. The water authority were working on a leak in the main line to the park, so naturally I stopped to watch, along with a half dozen other guys.  As a result I missed the guys riding this morning, so made a short trip of it inside the park.  That kind of riding requires lots of stops, so is well suited to a short ride.  When I got back we went out to the post office in the morning as Marg had some mail to send to England.  On the way back we stopped at the hardware where I got a electrical outlet I needed. 
  Back at the park Marg had some visitors before and after lunch.  We had a bite to eat and then I went to play pool.  Marg's hip has been bothering her.  She has been taking an antibiotic for the cold, so has to hold off on the anti-inflammatory that helps with that pain but has to wait until she is off the first meds.  Cool damp days are her nemesis and that is what we are experiencing today.  There were several visitors during the afternoon as well as a facetime with Char and a couple calls to others.
  There were lots of guys playing pool again today, so a playing spot was hard to come by for late arrivals.  Fortunately I was there early enough.  The guys I played with were a bit different today and for some reason I played as good as I ever have.  One of the players at the table was one of the best in the park and even managed to beat his team a couple of times.  Being a 4 player game where you shoot for partners, sometimes it doesn't matter how well you play.  As the third table vacated a lone player came in looking for a game, so I left the foursome to play with him as he's a pretty good fellow. 
  When I got back I got an update from Marg on her day.  Then we went to happy at the Blanke's.  We never miss when it's at their place.  As it turned out a lot of other folks had the same idea.  It was all good.  We had to be one of the first to leave as we were bbq'ing for supper tonight.  A nice T bone steak and baked potato and as it was bingo night in the park we needed to get that done in a timely way.
  Gerry & Deb came as we were finishing up and we met them at the hall for the next couple of hours.  I won a regular game, but had to share with another winner, so it was small pot of $15.. By the time we shared with Gerry & Deb, it wasn't anything to brag about.
  Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lyzi tonight, a tough day for her.  God Bless you.

Monday, 14 January 2019

Monday, Jan 14th

 The day got off to a bit of a slow start as we both slept in a bit, something we have not done in a while. It seems to have been the right decision as Marg's cold seems much improved today.
  This morning we went out for some groceries, first to Walmart and then to the Ranch market.  The ranch market is always good, the produce is fresh and very well priced.  Marg had a buggy half full and the two bags of oranges she picked up are some of the nicest ones we've had this winter.
  After lunch Marg was busy with the phone and facetime with the family.  I went to play pool so missed out on those.  I played with one group of guys for a while, but there was a fellow sitting around waiting for a game, so I gave up mine so he could play.  Then I went on to play with a second group after Kenny dropped out.  The unfortunate part was that he came over to play at my invitation and when he was late getting there, I started with the first group.  It is unusual to have that many players, so I guess our game will have to happen another day.
  I left at 3 o'clock as I needed to get a fridge blanket to wrap up our purchase later today.  I went to Harbor Freight where I had a coupon for one for $5.  I also got my freebie today, it's a magnetic dish to hold nuts or bolts when taking something apart.  I have one here as well as at home, but need one for the lake.
  Back to the park for happy hour.  Some friends from Ontario hosted today.  They used the patio at the clubhouse, so it was well attended.  That was nice to see as they put quite a bit of effort into getting things for appies.  The people who have the unit next to the clubhouse came out to go for water when we were all sitting there.  I think Dale wanted to show off a bit.  He drives a Tesla and has a tarp garage, much like we used to have for our boat.  The only problem is that they can't open the doors inside the garage.  Fortunately it's a Tesla.  They park in front of the garage and get out.  Then he pilots the empty car into the garage using his remote control.  It certainly made an impression.
  Again we had to make a timely departure in order to get in supper.  A nice shrimp stir fry with angel hair pasta.
  The reason for our haste was Marg had made a commitment to a lady in San Tan to look at a shelving unit.  She found the listing for it on some buy/sell site in the area.  Up until now we had a tv table in the corner that the computer sat on and the printer was in the closet.  She wanted something for the corner that would accommodate both as well as a few other things.  We had to use the GPS as it was an area we are not familiar with and it was dark.  It gets dark as the inside of a cave here about 6 o'clock and there is not much twilight and nor are there many street lamps to light the roadways.  When we got to the road, we couldn't read the house numbers it was so dark.  I parked and thought I would walk up to a house to see the number and eureka it was the one we were looking for.  The unit was just what she was looking for and in very nice condition, so she bought it. Got a pretty good deal and she was happy, so I have included a pic taken with the camera on the laptop.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Sunday, Jan 13th

Rained last night and as a result a bit cool.  The cloud cover was only patchy during the day and it was actually quite pleasant.
  I got organized early enough to make the worship service in the clubhouse this morning.  The attendance was a bit less than the last time I went before Christmas.  The message was good and the sermon was uplifting.  It was kind of funny that the pastor had a new Christmas theme tie and was just waiting for me to notice.  I left right after the service to make a road trip with Marg.
  We had talked about going to Ikea and with our search for a stand for the computer we thought that might offer a solution.  It was quite far from here, 35 minutes at 70 mph; a bit past the big outlet mall called Arizona Mills.  There were several pieces we saw that could have worked, but we decided to look at a few other options.  We did have lunch there: Marg had the Swedish meatballs, me a pork tenderloin in a rhubarb/habanero sauce.  Both dishes were very good.  We did find a few things at Ikea, most notably Marg got a hi density foam pillow with a  special shape to it, something she was having a difficult time finding, as well as a few other accessories.  A stop at Walgreen on the way home for a couple of things.  Marg found an apple cider [1 litre] that was discounted 70% that she bought for a dollar something.
  When we got back to the park we just sat around in the breezeway for a bit.  Well I did, Marg had a couple visitors, one is a Jack Russell terrier that knows she has dog treats.  Supper was soup and sandwich as we were not hungry from our big lunch.
  After supper it was ice cream social, so we both had a small dish, well Marg had a piece of cake as well.  Feeling the effects of all the walking around Ikea, we left right after to put our feet up.

Saturday, 12 January 2019

Saturday, Jan 12th

  A sunny day in the valley, but we got up a bit late, so I missed out on the hall breakfast.  Marg has not been feeling up to par [she has a cold], so rather than wake her with showering and getting dressed, I had cereal and yogurt here.
  When we got mobile we went out to a park wide patio sale at a large park where we seem to hit their big sale every year.  Marg never found anything, but I got a skill saw.  It's a bit larger, the guy said it was heavy duty and a contractor grade.  He had a smaller one as well, but there was only $10 difference in the two.  I have one, but there is a problem with it and I had been looing for a replacement.  I also got a nice butcher knife.  It's a bit larger than any that we have here and it was at the hall sale that is run by a ladies group in the park, so the old gal sold it for 50 cents.  When we got back I sharpened it up and I think it is the deal of the day.
  We went back to our place for lunch and Marg had some laundry in process that she wanted to get back to deal with.  After lunch the laundry was going to take a while, so I went to play pool for a while.  There was only one guy there and he is one who beats me regularly, although it was the first time I played him one on one.  We had very good games and he said he thought it was even, but I am pretty certain he was a couple of games up on me.
  When I got back to our place we went back out.  I was surprised to see the people I had picked up at the airport had left a case of beer and a card with a gift card to Appleby's.  We have been looking for a stand that will handle the computer and printer, so I don't have to drag the printer out of the closet when I need it.  It also has to be flexible enough that I can use the scanner where it is.  We checked out a couple of the thrift type shops around here, but no luck, so will continue the search next week.
  While we were out, Marg had sent a text to Lynett  asking if they wanted to come to our place rather than go to the large happy hour in the park.  We are hearing more people complain about the size of the group at happy and starting to opt out.  Her thinking was Lynett with her daughter, grandson and his wife might prefer something quieter as they had been to the large happy hour Thursday and Friday.
  We never heard back, but when we got home they were are our place.  They are leaving in the morning, so it was a nice chance to get to know them a bit better.  They got to see the building inspector plaque his grandfather made for me when we renovated this place.  One funny thing was Marg passed around some of her baking and they had never had a butter tart.
  Supper was at home tonight.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Friday, Jan 11th

  Another cool day, well it started that way, but we were in shirt sleeves when the sun made its presence felt.
  Marg went with the gamblin' gals to the Fort.  There were only 3 of them this morning, but they were keen.  One or two of the regulars were missing as a result of other commitments and Friday not being their regular day.  The crowd wasn't too bad in the morning, but got busy later in the afternoon.  There were no winners in the group, although Marg waited on one number several times for something like $600, once the number was in the monitor.  They were not quite as jovial on their return.
  I went out for a bit to pick up some stuff at Fry's.  I wanted oranges as Marg is looking for vitamin C and when we eat lots of them it seems to work.  Half of the place has sniffles as a result of the pollens and various other sinus issues and we don't seem to be immune to it.  I also picked up some pico de gallo and a fiesta dip for nachos to put out at the happy hour later on.  I stopped in at an estate sale, but it was just old junk, nothing good.  I am looking for a table or unit that I could put the computer printer on a shelf and the computer itself on.
  When I got back I wanted to look under the trailer as it seems there is a damp smell.  I pulled off a section of the skirting at  the west side and the dirt was still damp in places. It happens when it rains very hard here and that was the case last week.  I had to make a trip to the RV salvage yard to get some ventilated panels for the skirting.  Luckily they had two, so I bought both and installed them.  A small repair but it took a lot of time.  Fingers crossed it will be the solution as my next option is to put more ventilation of one of the other sides and I'm not sure where I would get them.
  After a bite to eat I went to play pool.  There are a lot more players in the park now, so had a good group to play with.  In fact all 3 tables were busy today, a first for this year and there are other players in the park who were not out today.  I had to quit by 3 to organize our carport for the happy hour today.  I stopped by the gate to leave the cart there for her to get home with.  While I was there I chatted Smitty and he showed me some of the sticks I brought him.  He has the start of some great canes or walking sticks with the diamond willow.  He really knows how to get the best out of them and is quite excited about a few. 
  Not that it took a lot of organizing, but I took the truck out and parked it on the road outside the park, organized the chairs, got out my propane fire pit and opened a beer.  Marg had said to leave the snack part for her and she showed up minutes after 4, so just as people were arriving.  She had lots of chips and tortilla chips she put out with salsa, and the other two things I bought this morning.  It must have been good as it got eaten up pretty quick.
  We had plans to go out for supper with the Blanke's after.  A couple from Ontario just got in today and were at loose ends for supper so she asked them to join us.  Good thing the truck seats 6.  Appleby's was our choice and we all opted for the two can dine for $25 with an appie included.  Everyone but the designated driver had a drink, I had coffee.  How is that for a surprise ending?

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Thursday, Jan 10th

A bit cooler day today, I think the high was in the 60's, so still a long way above the temps at home. 
  We got out early and went to the coffee klatch this morning.  Good thing to as we had a guest speaker and he bought donuts.  He was from RV Traders, a popular dealer in Apache Junction.  His visit was to invite people to a free lunch and to see their new models.  Apparently it now takes 6 to 8 months to get a new park model and if you want a used one they put your name on a list in case one becomes available.  There is one coming up for sale in our park and the seller [a friend of Marg's] is going to take bids on it and has 7 people interested.  Since she has taken a position on the entertainment committee, Marg likes to attend these to keep up with events in the park.
  After coffee we went out to Mediacom to pay our bill and then to Costco.  My main reason to go to Costco was the security people the GP airport took away the bin I had my stuff in and when I still had not retrieved my hearing aid batteries.  The pocket holder with two new batteries gone.  I never discovered it until we were on the plane and one battery went dead.  Kind of annoying the way they hurry you along.  Along the way we stopped at Long John Silvers for lunch where Marg had the fish combo & I had the shrimp combo.  On the route we passed the coin shop I generally have find good deals at, but I resisted temptation.  Anyway Costco here don't have them down here, but have had several requests like mine.  Duh!  We always manage to find some things, so $150 later we had a nice bottle of scotch, a bathroom mat, socks, a top, etc.
  Back at home we did a bit of visiting and watched a couple of guys move a barrel cactus.  Shortly after sitting down at our place on of Marg's friends daughters came to ask a favour.  Her son & daughter-in-law were stranded, so I volunteered to pick them up.  They flew in to the Mesa airport to surprise his grandmother.
  Got back to the park just in time for happy, it was at Gary & Patti's and a large group.  It was kind of fun today.  When the daughter showed up with her son they split up with the two surprise visitors coming around the trailer so they were hidden until they were right behind her.  Pretty neat.
  Supper was bbq steak and it turned out pretty good.  We still have a large supply of meat in the freezer from all Marg's earlier bargains. Marg made up her usual potato and vegetable tinfoil dish to do on the bbq as well.  Then it was off to the Animal races where they had a very large crowd, likely the most people I have seen.  Marg won 5 races, me 4.  The big surprise was the elephant won 3 times, so you know those are wins for me.  Oh and they were short of people to tell jokes, so I told a couple tonight.